The New Dave Alvin – the expanded package is ‘Out of Controll’!

by Lee Gonnella on September 6, 2012

Dave Alvin is still going strong.  I only mention this cause the guy smokes a lot, in his songs  and on stage.  Actually, he’s still killing it.  His new album Eleven-Eleven is as good as anything he’s done.   This is another “road” album, and not too many folks know the road like Dave.   A long time ago, especially in the movies,  a hard travelling man could roll into a small town,  stop at a gas station or diner,  and meet a sweet girl who’s just been waiting for someone like him to show her the way out.  That’s what this album feels like.  Except they end up in another shit town,  or just outside it,  in a trailer, and he’s still on the road.

The “expanded package” is really the way to go if you have a little extra dough.  You get a 3 song bonus disc of songs that didn’t make the record but from the same sessions (and great songs- certainly not throw aways),  a killer live disc of Dave & The Guilty Ones doing the new songs,  with some special guests,  plus a DVD of Dave and the band throwing down in Ann Arbor, Michigan.   If you like excellent quality DVDs of guitar gods at their best, you’ll end up watching it many times.

Here’s one of the new songs I find particularly compelling.  Good to see Dave rocking his ass off!

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