Dylan “Spoof” Song by Tim Heidecker is Pretty Good!

by Lee Gonnella on September 7, 2012

Bob Dylan’s Titanic by Tim Heidecker from Tim Heidecker on Vimeo.

Comic Tim Heidecker, one half of the “Tim & Eric” show of Adult Swim fame, heard Bob Dylan was paying tribute to the Titanic disaster on the Tempest album,  and decided to “spoof” it.  Now I’m not an expert on spoofs, but this actually sounds like a Dylan song.  And Tim actually sounds more like Dylan than Dylan himself.  He really nails the “Desire” era Zimmy, with a nod to Scarlet Rivera.  Not sure what Tim was going for here,  I’d say it has a better chance of getting on Dylan’s own i-pod than being played by Dr. Demento.

I thought this video with some Dylan and Titanic footage was kinda fun.  It’s actually not a bad song,  my only complaint is it’s 14 minutes long,  and this isn’t exactly  “Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts”.  The 14 minute song, at least on record,  can really only be pulled off by Dylan himself and very rarely Neil Young.

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