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Miss Becky: Doing It Her Way

by Lee Gonnella on October 21, 2012

These days, a great career move for any aspiring musician, is to simply move to Portland, Oregon.  Miss Becky Kapell  does things her own way.  Miss Becky Kapell was on her way to being a well known singer in the early days of the Laurelthirst scene in Portland.  She spent a couple of years with one of my favorite Portland bands of all time, Ed and the Boats, and sang with folks like Portland heavyweight Billy Kennedy.  In the early 1990’s she moved back to her native Minnesota.  There her singing career was on hold for many years while she raised a family, and embarked on a business career with her brother, who founded Magnetic Poetry.

As the years progressed, so did her creativity.  She learned how to play the guitar that had leaned in her living room corner for many years.  Simple chords turned into melodies, life’s lessons brought lyrics, and from this a batch of song came to be.  “For Now“, as Miss Becky explains in the video,  is a snapshot of her life as the record was made.

This is a heartfelt album, full of honest songs that tell the story of a woman who’s obviously done some living, been hurt, and is ready to climb back on the horse.  The range of emotions shifts effortlessly from a Saturday night of heel-clicking and revelry, to the hangover and regret of Sunday morning.  At the heart of every song is Miss Becky’s beautiful voice.  If anything, the years have been kind to Miss Becky,  her voice still rich and vibrant, and to quote one of her song titles, “Warm”.  There’s  something very calming about Miss Becky’s voice. She doesn’t try to overpower her songs,  she simply deliver’s them softly and clearly, like a lullaby to a half-asleep child.

The record was produced and recorded by Mike Danner in Portland.  There are some great Portland musicians on the record, including our old friend Paul Brainard, whose provides his usual, masterful pedal steel playing,  as well as dobro & trumpet.  Some of the musicians, like Tim Acott and Dan Haley, had already worked with Miss Becky worked with in the early part of her career.

“For Now” is available from Bandcamp, and should soon be available elsewhere.  It’s a wonderful debut and I hope everyone gives it a listen. Here’s Miss Becky singing a song that didn’t make the record…..

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TV Girl from San Diego, My New Favorite Band!

by Lee Gonnella

  A couple days back I told you about the joy of Daytrotter,  one of the best music sources I know of. This morning, they had a session with a  band that I’ve had on repeat all day. They’re called TV GIRL,  a group of young men from San Diego who play electronic tinged, doo-wop […]

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Dylan “Spoof” Song by Tim Heidecker is Pretty Good!

by Lee Gonnella

Bob Dylan’s Titanic by Tim Heidecker from Tim Heidecker on Vimeo. Comic Tim Heidecker, one half of the “Tim & Eric” show of Adult Swim fame, heard Bob Dylan was paying tribute to the Titanic disaster on the Tempest album,  and decided to “spoof” it.  Now I’m not an expert on spoofs, but this actually […]

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New Cat Power album, listen to it on NPR, see her live…(and watch her now)

by Holly

The new Cat Power  album, “Sun”,  is available for a free listen on NPR right now……you can also hear a cut from the forthcoming Bob Dylan album. She’s also making a run through the Northwest and California in November, including 2 of my favorite venues, The Crystal Ballroom in Portland, and the incredible Fox Theatre […]

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