DylanRadio.com versus Bob Dylan Tracks, Absolutely Sweet!

by Lee Gonnella on September 20, 2012

Sometimes you just want some good radio.  Sometimes you just want to listen to Dylan songs all day.  Not only can you both in these Modern Times, but you have choices!  Did you know there are 2 internet radio stations playing nothing but Bob Dylan? The interesting part of this is that the 2 stations are fundamentally quite different, in both content & mood.

DylanRadio.com has been around for a while, and is available on iTunes, Windows Media player, as well as just tuning in at dylanradio.com.  They have an excellent website where the owner, Pete from Nova Scotia, runs a blog and has interactive things like contests & a way to request songs.  Musically, if you love Dylan, especially live, you’ll certainly love this station.  TONS of live stuff, from early “I’m a thousand times smarter & cooler than any of you will ever be” Bob,  to Zimmy preaching Armageddon, right through to recent shows.  They also play a lot of studio stuff, rarities & out-takes, cover songs,  Travelling Wilbury songs, even the occasional Wallflowers or Jakob  Dylan solo song.  It’s a great mix but the general vibe is along the lines of “the Never Ending Tour”, as the majority of what’s heard is from the current era.  Twice a day, they play an hour of  Bob’s “Theme Time Radio Hour”.  One of the coolest things about this station is you can browse the 8,694 available songs and make requests that actually get played, almost always within the hour.

There are no ads on Dylanradio.com.  Pete runs the station through his own hard work and the donations from fans.  Last year, when the laptop he uses to work the station kicked the bucket, Pete had to appeal to his listeners for donations.   Thankfully for us, he was successful.  If live Dylan is your thing, you’ll love this station, and the request button.

Bob Dylan Tracks is  part of live365.com, a service that allows individuals and companies to set up internet radio stations.  They’re also available through the iTunes radio program via the Classic Rock tab, and at bobdylantracks.com.  Broadcast out of New Hampshire by host Dan Murphy, the station is free, unless you want to subscribe (7.95 per month) and get all the live365 stations ad-free.  The ads aren’t too bad, similar to Pandora where they break in  several times an hour for a minute or two.  It does get slightly annoying after a bit,  most of the ads are for live365, mixed in somewhat redundantly with a few others and some PSAs.  That’s really my only complaint.  The music is quite different than dylanradio.com.  The main focus here is on cover songs,  “tracks written by Bob Dylan”.  The general mood is poppy & festive, and the artists range from The Hollies and Melanie, to Gallon Drunk and We Are Augustines.  Much less of Dylan himself here, although you’ll here him several times every hour.  Not a lot of live stuff here, if hearing Zimmy noodle through a guitar solo when there are 2 perfectly competent gunslingers on stage,  isn’t for you, this station probably is. You’ll hear rarities here too, by both Bob and others, and the site states they are  always on the lookout for new covers.  You can “e-mail the DJ”, but the website isn’t quite as slick as dylanradio.com.

Right now they’re playing a song from Tempest once every hour.  Dan, the host & DJ, has been doing radio since the 1960’s, and his experience in putting together a radio show that flows cohesively, is evident in the sets he puts together.  He’s also comfortable playing Dylan covers from just about every genre of popular music available, and is probably most at home with the earlier catalog.


Dylan enthusiasts will enjoy both of these stations,  it’s just a matter of what you’re in the mood for.  Pete and Dan have made the air-waves a better place for all of us, all we have to do is tune in….

As you were……

Pete September 26, 2012 at 3:48 pm

Thanks for the kind words and cheers to Tracks for keeping the Dylan pumping. I’ve linked to you on the front page.

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