Me? I’m just a regular guy who  thinks deeply about the music I love. Music is in my soul and my tastes have evolved and expanded over the years. I grew up in the 60’s & 70’s listening to the Beatles & Stones, Creedence & Jimi. The Washington DC area had a great blues scene back then and people like Roy Buchanan and The Nighthawks were among my favorites. I spent a good part of the 80’s chasing a outfit called The Grateful Dead…. which led to a love of bluegrass, reggae, and country & folk.. moved to Portland (OR)…met people, saw shows, listened to alot of radio…..listened to alot of bands, found Richmond Fontaine & Jerry Joseph, heard alt-country, roots-rock, hip-hop & rap. Fast forward to the internet age and music is so much more accessible……downloads, live streams, you-tube,and music blogs…..of which this is one more and I hope you enjoy it! Lee Gonnella


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