A Solo Album from Richmond Fontaine’s Dave Harding

by Lee Gonnella on August 28, 2012

Anyone who knows my musical tastes is aware that I LOVE the band, Richmond Fontaine.  So it’s no great shock that my favorite album of the year (so far) is ‘You Came Through“, by Dave Harding, the illustrious bass-player of Fontaine fame. 

 This is Dave’s second album, both wonderfully produced by Portland’s gem, Mike Coykendall. While this is not a “Fontaine” album, you’ll find many of the people responsible for the RF sound, including Mike, Sean Oldham, Dan Eccles, Ralph Huntley, and virtuoso Paul Brainard. This is a road album, full of peaks and valleys, love lost & found, and of course, coming home.

Dave’s songwriting comes straight from his heart, and as somebody who calls him a friend, you couldn’t ask for a more soulful one. In the coming days, I’ll talk to Dave about recording his new record, songwriting, and fill you in on his first record in case you missed yet. And yes, I still call them records. The new album is available from Amamzon and at bandcamp.com


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